Creative Work


Within my work I focus on social issues, including the colonial past, mental health and physical disabilities. Through personal stories, I try to break cultural stigmas and reveal underexposed perspectives.

Indisch Zwijgen – Documentary (32 minutes)
Co-director | Researcher | Impact Producer
Selected for VPRO Makers van Morgen
Screened in 20 cinemas nationwide
On display at NPOStart

Three third-generation Dutch-Indonesian artists delve into their own family history in an attempt to break the generational “Indo’s silence.” How does the silenced past influence their present lives? How can they, as a third generation, express what it means to be Indo? The documentary is a starting point for a conversation about the past of the Netherlands that until now has often remained underexposed. 

In het Donker Gezien – Documentary (25 minutes)
Director | Researcher
Official selection New Renaissance Film Festival
Official selection International Film Festival The Hague
Official selection Disability Film Festival Leuven

What if you lose sight in a visual society, how do you experience the world around you? ‘In het donker gezien’ examines the sensory experience of being blind, with a focus on being blind as a strength: how you can perceive more as a blind person and how the other senses become even more important when your sight is lost?