I’m Juliette, a documentary film director, researcher and editor. My passion is converting substantive stories into creative concepts in order to determine, investigate and visualise the developments of the world of today and tomorrow

Interview with NRC about our documentary ‘Indisch Zwijgen’



Indisch Zwijgen investigates the colonial history of the Dutch-Indies, by asking what it means to have the Dutch-Indonesian identity in postcolonial times. It focusses on the silence around this history, what has not been said and the stories that have not been told. In a studio, we recreated the common memory of this former country that no longer exists in order to break the silence on the (colonial) history.

For more information and tour dates: http://www.indischzwijgen.nl/

Selected for the VICE x IDFA Pitch
Honarable mention @Noordelijk Film Festival
Developed in the Cinesud Writers Room



In Het Donker Gezien explores the perception of blind and partially sighted people in a visual society. How do their senses play a role in their daily life? It focusses on the strength of being blind in stead of the limitations. With animation, cinematographic close ups and sound design the blind perception is recreated in this mid-lenght documentary.


Digital worlds provide a shifting reality. Social media, computers and televisions play an increasingly important role in our lives. Are we withdrawing too much from the physical world, creating a sense of disruption and loneliness? Why do we look for comfort in the digital in order to escape from the physical world? Can the distinction between the physical world and the digital world still be made visible? In the short documentary Crossing Realities (working title) we critically investigate the role of technology by diving into the world of artists who play with different realities (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality)

In development

Podcast & Other projects

Apart from documentaries, I’m a podcastmaker and storyteller. ‘The Happiness Podcast’ takes an interdisciplinary note on what happiness still means today.

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