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Creative work

Indisch Zwijgen (2022)

Documentary (32 minutes)
Co-director | Researcher | Impact Producer
Selected for VPRO Makers van Morgen
Screened in 20 cinemas nationwide

Three third-generation Dutch-Indonesian artists delve into their own family history in an attempt to break the generational “Indo’s silence.” How does the silenced past influence their present lives? How can they, as a third generation, express what it means to be Indo? The documentary is a starting point for a conversation about the past of the Netherlands that until now has often remained underexposed. 

In addition to regular screenings, the film was presented with an impact program consisting of workshops, meetups and post-screening discussions to increase awareness around the colonial past.

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Interview with NRC about ‘Indisch Zwijgen’

In Het Donker Gezien (2021)

Documentary (25 minutes)
Director | Researcher
Official selection New Renaissance Film Festival
Official selection International Film Festival The Hague
Official selection Disability Film Festival Leuven

What if you lose sight in a visual society, how do you experience the world around you? ‘In het donker gezien’ examines the sensory experience of being blind, with a focus on being blind as a strength: how you can perceive more as a blind person and how the other senses become even more important when your sight is lost. The documentary tells the story of four powerful, blind characters: the couple Yany and Tinah and the sisters Sandra and Marjoke. The documentary is an ode to the other senses and an investigation into the blind world: to learn to see in the dark as a sighted person.

Dominicus Film Productions

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