Who Am I?

I’m Juliette Dominicus (24), a creative enthusiast with a passion for film, TV and documentaries. After finishing my bachelor Liberal Arts and Sciences (Universiteit Utrecht), I started to work at the Netherlands Film Festival’s Industry department. Here, I got acquainted to the field of filmmaking and decided that I wanted to focus on making my own documentaries. I learned that I have a strong passion for filmmaking and started my first documentary ‘In Het Donker Gezien’.

After In Het Donker Gezien, more projects were created: Indisch Zwijgen, a personal search for my family history and Crossing Realities: a project in development about escaping our physical world into the digital. In my documentaries I try to take an interdisciplinary approach.

I’ve worked as a format developer for TV and Documentaries, here I learned to transform new ideas into creative concepts. I have gained experience in film directing, podcasting, researching and have a scientific background in new media neuropsychology, philosophy and criminology.

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