Juliette Dominicus is an Amsterdam-based documentary film director, researcher and editor. After completing her bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences (Universiteit Utrecht), she worked at the Professionals Department of the Netherlands Film Festival. Juliette pursued a master’s degree in Documentary and Fiction Film (Universiteit van Amsterdam), specializing in the development process of documentaries. Juliette directed ‘In het Donker Gezien’ which was selected by several (inter)national film festivals. Her last documentary ‘Indisch Zwijgen’ was screened in cinemas across the country. A subsequent impact program was also developed for the documentary, creating awareness of the colonial past through in-depth workshops, post-screening discussions and meetups. In 2023, Juliette was selected as “FD Talent of the Year” as a documentary filmmaker by the Financieel Dagblad. She is currently working as a freelance filmmaker and researcher.